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Valuations of movable property

Purposes for movable property valuations:

  • Property transfers (sale, purchase, donation, inheritance and the like),
  • Creation of pledge,
  • Non-monetary investments to business property,
  • Taxation purposes and legal disputes,
  • Closing of leasing contracts.



Valuations of movable property:

  • Valuation of technological complexes, production and operation lines with accessories,
  • Valuation of machinery and equipment with accessories,
  • Valuation of instrumentation,
  • Valuation of tools and instruments,
  • Valuation of computer technique and office machinery,
  • Valuation of transport technology and handling equipment,
  • Valuation of rubber and plastic products,
  • Valuation of inventory and furniture equipment with accessories,
  • Valuation of inventories,
  • Valuation of work in progress.