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Who we are

Our expert office operates on the market continuously since 1993 and in 2023 is going to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its activities.

Our work history dates back to the beginning of 1990s, when the professionals and experts associated in order to create a team of experts to address emerging issues related to the activities of valuers and specialists. The association of individuals was contracted on 1st April, 1993 under the name AZET KONZULT znalecký ústav s.r.o. so as to obtain full professionalisation in this field, safeguarding continuing professional development and collaboration, both for association members and for trusted collaborators.










AZET KONZULT from the beginning of its operation provides comprehensive services in areas such as:

  • Expert and consulting services on property valuation.
  • Advisory and valuation of companies for purchase or sale (M&A) and Due diligence analysis.
  • Comprehensive expert services for all types of mergers (mergers, spin-offs, cahges of lega form).
  • Non-monetary deposits to and beyond equity (contributions as commercial establishments, real estates, intangible assets, receivables or other types of assets).
  • Determination of transfer prices between related entities.
  • Expert and consulting services in the field of receivable commercial establishments, advisory in the field of ownership structureses and their changes.
  • Valuation and advisory in the field of valuation of securities, equity shares and business shares.
  • Valuation and advisory in the field of intangible assets.
  • Valuation of receivables.
  • Real Estate valuation.
  • Moveable assets valuation.
  • Expertise and evaluations in all the above mentioned areas with an output in the form of the expert report.
  • Preparation the expert report in court proceedings.

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AZET KONZULT – znalecký ústav s.r.o., at that time, was established by three founding partners, namely:

Ing. Antonín Zatloukal,
Ing. Luboš Kluz,
Ing. Jaroslav Dohnal.

The founding members of this association were jointly registered on 9 August 1994 under No.: 114/94 – OOD by the Ministry of Justice pursuant to the Section 21, Clause 3 Act No. 36/1967 Coll., on experts and interpreters and pursuant to Section 6, Clause 1 of Decree No. 37/1967 Coll., implementing the Act about experts and interpreters to the First Volume of Registry of Institutions qualified for expertise in economics covering the scope of authorization for property market valuation.

Granted by decision of the Minister of Justice of the Czech Republic dated 12th May 2004, Ref. No.: M-860/2004-2 the scope of authorization was made more specific in the areas of economics and that for valuations of movable property, valuations of immovable property, valuations of intangible assets, valuations of businesses and valuations of financial assets.

As of 31st August 2002 the new member joined this association – Ing. Miroslav Směšný.

In 2012 in accordance with organisational directive issued by the Mister of Justice Ref. No.: 41/2010/-OD-ZN the association AZET KONZULT was transformed to the legal entity, specifically to the business company AZET KONZULT – znalecký ústav s.r.o. Registration in the Trade Register administered by the Regional Court in Brno was entered on 2nd March 2012 into Section C, File No. 73307.

Entry into I. Section of the Expert institutes administered by the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic was made on 1st May 2012, also the scope of authorization was the same as before – the scope of Economics and Valuations of movable property, valuations of immovable property, valuations of intangible assets, valuations of businesses and valuations of financial assets.

From the 01.01.2021 the company AZET KONZULT – znalecký ústav s.r.o. according to §47, paragraph 2 Act No. 254/2019 Collection on experts, expert offices and expert institute, registered in the list maintened by Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic as the expert office.

Extract from the Trade Register List of institutes qualified and chartered for providing expertise

The partners of this Expert office have entered into Agreement on Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality of the Information and Safeguarding of Data Protection. AZET KONZULT – znalecký ústav s.r.o. is covered by the insurance policy for providing valuations services. The total insurance of the office exceeds the amount of CZK 12.000.000,-.

On July 11, 2016, the expert office was strengthened by a graduate of the institute of Forensic Engineering in Brno, Ing. Zdeněk Ptáček and in August 2018 the team was expanded by a graduate of the same univerzity, Ing. Jana Rumanová. Ing. Alena Březíková joined the team in September 2021, she is a graduate of the Department of Finance and Accounting of the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín and the institute of Property Valuation at the University of Economics specializing in the valuation of business plants.


  • Association of Appraisers of the Czech Republic in Brno (AZO)
  • The Czech Chamber of Appraisers in Prague (ČKOM)
  • Company for personnel certification, o.p.s.

Partners - Consulting, Audit:


Our renowned expert office does not carry any particular system of solutions, nor is obliged or in any way committed to any holder of such system or to any other organization for providing such system. All operations of our expert office are totally independent of any supplier or service provider or somebody else’s interests.

The ultimate objective of our expert office professional activities is directed towards steadily rising quality of provided services, which will satisfy requirements and expectations of our customers and at the same time will not to be in conflict with laws and principles laid down in “the Professional Conduct and Code of Ethics”.

All members are personally certified in their respective fields by approved and credited certification body No. 3033 in accordance with ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17024.