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Valuation of Businesses

The main task of the managers of today becomes the business value control, which they manage and take the responsibility for. Manager who will assess decisions according to their impact on the value of the company finds that there is a necessity to take into consideration even more radical solutions than previously used. The strategy of sales, radical restructuring or merger of business units are becoming a regular feature of this reasoning. These operations allow companies to survive in an ever more aggressive and competitive environment, or even significantly improve their situation and thereby increase their value. Strategic decisions are closely related to valuations.

Other approaches to valuation stem from the needs of statuary organs, shareholders, proprietors, investors, but also of creditors, institutors and promoters, public authorities, judicial organs, insolvency administrators, liquidating authorities, and the like.

In the valuation of businesses we can offer to you services related to the business valuation and financial investments including an analysis of business activities. Our services in this field include:

  • Financial valuation of the business (its separate part),
  • Valuation of share in the business (minority and controlling holdings),
  • Valuation of synergy effects,
  • Business plan studies,
  • Assessing the feasibility of the investment project,
  • Financial restructuring studies,
  • Valuation of claims and liabilities,
  • Valuation of specified business and/or corporate property.



In our experience concerning the valuations of businesses we know that most of the Czech privatized or new private enterprises sooner or later takes into consideration a finding of strategic investor. A look at the vast potential of mergers and acquisitions leading to the intended goal is disturbed by the fact that in the same field of activities the same manner of thinking is reflected in dozens of businesses, and it is clear that all of them cannot succeed.

Regarding issues of elaboration and realization of acquisitions our expert office has long term cooperation relationships with major firms specializing in M & A, including looking for suitable investors.

In the case of interest we will allow our clients to use our know-how leading to realization of intended projects.