Offer of Services

Our expert institute is specialized for all kinds of valuation. Among our clients are holding and international companies, banks, public and state institutions, but also entrepreneurs and natural persons. There is no such a project for us to be considered as too big or overly complex. We always find the time to understand your business as we used to in more than 25 years of our activities. Our expert institute is primarily driven by the needs of our clients. Our cooperation with client is bound by absolute confidentiality and services are provided to a high professional standard. The valuation services that are being offered are characterized by high professionalism, and are unbiased, reliable and independent.

Overview of provided services:

Our services include both individual property items assessment and large plants. For the business valuations we perform assessment not only for its earning potential, but also for all its tangible and intangible assets, including patents, licenses, trademarks etc.

The profession into which we are committed closely follows especially tax counselling, auditor and legal services. In case of client’s interest in comprehensive realization of specific project then we can recommend, or to select firms dealing with a given issues on a professional basis and with whom we have a positive experience.

The expert institute is entered into the First Volume of the Registry of Institutions qualified for expertise in economics covering the scope of authorization for valuations of movable property, valuations of immovable property, valuations of intangible assets, valuations of businesses and valuations of financial assets.



The members of expert institute are further appointed experts pursuant to the Act No. 36/1967 Coll., on experts and interpreters, as amended in the areas of economics, mechanical engineering, rubber industry, transport and handling, real estate sector, machinery and equipment, technology including know-how, engineering technology, businesses and know-how.


Valuations are made for various reasons. In the case of business asset the valuation can be summarised into two basic groups:

I. Valuation depending on the wishes of the proprietors

  1. Sale, purchase,
  2. Capital raise (non-monetary investment),
  3. Merger of two or more hitherto independent businesses,
  4. Separation of business into smaller entities,
  5. Restructuring of business,
  6. Pledges,
  7. Analyzes (transformation to another legal form, expansion, rationalization, restoration),
  8. New shares issue, mandatory (voluntary) offer for purchase,
  9. Mergers and Acguisitions.

II. Valuation not depending on the wishes of the proprietors

  1. Valuations for the purposes of taxation,
  2. Examination of creditworthiness from the side of creditors,
  3. Determining the amount of property damage,
  4. Settlement between partners,
  5. Inheritance and divorce purposes,
  6. Insolvency, settlement, liquidation.